Plan of Study: Catalog Years 2008-2014

English Plan of Study Form: Catalog Year 2008-2014
Honors in English Plan of Study Form: Honors Catalog Year 2008-2014

What is referred to as the major is, in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (CLAS), officially called your field of concentration. The field of concentration is comprised of courses in the major department and a group of four other courses completed in related disciplines.

To satisfy the English major, the student must present for the degree thirty credits of English courses numbered 2000 or above from categories A-F listed below. The major also includes Distribution Requirements to ensure that specific courses within the major are selected. Coursework for categories A-F will also apply toward the Distribution Requirements. The courses listed in bold will satisfy one requirement from categories A-F and either Distribution Requirement 1 or 2.

The Related Course Requirement for the English major must be no fewer than 12 credits of UConn coursework representing a coherent area of study closely related to English. Related courses must be 2000 level or above, outside of the Department of English, and cannot be cross-listed with English. The English major does not have a set list of courses from which the student must choose related requirements and the courses do not need to be in one field alone. Some students select courses that will help them prepare for a future career or academic interests. Courses applied toward a second major or minor may also count toward the related requirements. It is important to note that related coursework must be approved by an English advisor.

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English Major Requirements

A. Introduction to Literary Studies: 2600 (3 credits) – This course should be taken within a semester of declaring the major or at its next offering


B. Literary History (9 credits) –take one course from group 1, one course from group 2, and a third course from either group 1, 2, or 3

Group 1: Survey and Period Courses before 1800

2100 – British Literature I 

2200 – Literature and Culture of North America before 1800

3111/W – Medieval English Literature 

3113/W – Renaissance English Literature

3115/W – Restoration and 18th-Century English Literature

3805W – Honors IV: English Literature

3807W – Honors V: English Literature


Group 2: Survey and Period Courses after 1800

2101 – British Literature II

2201/W – American Literature to 1880

2203/W – American Literature Since 1880

2301/W – World Literature In English

3117/W – Romantic British Literature

3118/W – Victorian British Literature

3119/W – Modern English Literature

3123/W – British Literature from 1890 to the Mid-Twentieth Century

3124/W – British Literature since the Mid-Twentieth Century

3207/W – American Literature since the Mid-Twentieth Century

3801W – Honors II: American Literature

3803W – Honors III: American Literature

3809W – Honors VI: English Literature

3811W – Honors VII: English Literature


Group 3: Multi-Period, Multi Cultural, and Ethnic Literature Courses

2214/W – African American Literature

2274W – Disability in American Literature and Culture

3120 – Irish Literature in English to 1939

3122/W – Irish Literature in English since 1939

3210 – Native American Literature

3212 – Asian American Literature

3213/W – Eighteenth- and Nineteenth-Century African American Literature

3214/W – Black American Writers I

3215/W – Twentieth- and Twenty-First Century African American Literature

3216W – Black American Writers II

3218/W – Ethnic Literatures of the United States

3320 – Literature and Culture of India

3605 – Latina/o Literature

3607 – Studies in Latina/o Literature

3629 – Introduction to Holocaust Literature


C.  Methods (6 credits) –take one course from group 1 and a second course from group 1 or 2

Group 1

2401 – Poetry

2405 – Drama

2407 – The Short Story

2409 – The Modern Novel

2411/W – Popular Literature

3235W – Reading the American City

3240 – American Nature Writing

3265W – Seminar in American Studies

3318 – Literature and Culture of the Third World

3403 – Modern and Contemporary Poetry in English

3420 – Children’s Literature

3422 – Young Adult Literature

3601 – The English Language

3603 – The History of the English Language

3609 – Women’s Literature

3613 – Intro to LGBT Literature

3617 – Literature and Religion

3619 – Topics in Literature and Human Rights

3621 – Literature and Other Disciplines

3623 – Studies in Literature and Culture

3625 – Literary Theory

3631 – Literature, Culture, and Humanitarianism

3633/W – The Rhetoric of Political Discourse in Literature and Society

3635 – Literature and the Environment

3650 – Maritime Literature (this course is no longer offered)

3651 – Maritime Non-Fiction (this course is no longer offered)

3652 – Maritime Literature to 1800

3653 – Maritime Literature Since 1800


Group 2

3003W – Advanced Expository Writing

3010W – Advanced Composition for Prospective Teachers

3701 – Creative Writing II

3703 – Writing Workshop

3705 – Playwriting

3707-3709 – Film Writing

3711 – Creative Writing for Child and Young Adult Readers


D. Major Author (3 Credits). One from the following:

3501 – Chaucer

3503 – Shakespeare I

3505 – Shakespeare II

3507 – Milton

3509 – Studies in Individual Writers


E. Advanced Study (3 credits)

4101W – Advanced Study: British Literature

4201W – Advanced Study: American Literature

4203W –Advanced Study: Ethnic Literature

4301W – Advanced Study: Anglophone Literature

4302W – Advanced Study: Literature of Australia, Canada, Ireland, and New Zealand

4401W – Advanced Study: Poetry

4405W – Advanced Study: Drama

4407W – Advanced Study: Prose

4600W – Advanced Study: Seminars in Literature

4601W – Advanced Study: Literary Criticism and Theory

4613W – Advanced Study: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Literature

4965W – Advanced Studies in Early Literature in English


F. Additional Courses (6 credits) In addition to courses used to satisfy requirements A-E above, six credits must be chosen from English courses numbered 2000 or above. Course numbers used to satisfy requirements A-E may be used toward satisfaction of requirement F only when they designate a second or third section of a course repeated with a change of topic.


Distribution Requirements:

  1. At least two courses must concern literature written before 1800. Courses satisfying this requirement are: 2100, 2200, 3111, 3113, 3115, 3301, 3303, 3495, 3501, 3503, 3505, 3507, 3652, 3805W, 3807W, 4965W (ENGL 3495 has been changed to ENGL 3303, students can only receive credit for one of these courses)
  1. At least one course must concern ethnic or postcolonial literatures in English. Courses satisfying this requirement are: 2214/W, 2301, 3120, 3122/W, 3210, 3212, 3213/W, 3214/W, 3215/W, 3216W, 3217, 3218/W, 3220, 3318, 3319, 3320, 3605, 3607, 3629, 4203W, 4301W, 4302W
  1. No more than three credits from the following courses may count toward the English major: 3003W, 3010W, 3011/W, 3012, 3013, 3091, 3692, 3701, 3703, 3705, 3707, 3709, 3711, 3713