Related Courses

As part of the field of study, English majors must complete Related Courses to complement the major requirements. Related courses must total twelve credits that are 2000 level or above. The courses must be outside of the Department of English, cannot be cross-listed with English, and cannot be taken on a pass/fail grading basis.  The English Department has approved the use of courses from a number of academic disciplines. Courses from Departments not on the approved list may be used to satisfy the related requirement with approval by the English Major Advisor.

Students pursuing a double major or minor will often apply those courses toward the related course requirements.  Some students select courses that will help them prepare for a future career or academic interests.  The student’s choice of related courses should be discussed with their advisor for guidance and, if necessary, approval.



Approved Departments for English Major Related Courses

Courses  that are 2000 level or above, not cross-listed with English, and from the Departments below are approved for use as Related Courses. Courses from other Departments may be approved by the English Major Advisor.

Africana Studies (AFRA)

American Studies (AMST)

American Sign Language (ASLN)

Anthropology (ANTH)

Art (ART)

Art History (ARTH)

Arabic and Islamic Studies (ARIS)

Asian and Asian American Studies (AAAS)

Classics and Ancient Mediterranean Studies (CAMS)

Communication (COMM)

Comparative Literary and Cultural Studies (CLCS)

Digital Media and Design (DMD)

Dramatic Arts (DRAM)

Economics (ECON)

Education (EGEN)

Education Curriculum and Instruction (EDCI)

Educational Leadership (EDLR)

Educational Psychology (EPSY)

Environmental Studies (EVST)

Fine Arts (FINA)

French (FREN)

German (GERM)

History (HIST)

Hebrew and Judaic Studies (HEJS)

Human Development and Family Studies (HDFS)

Human Rights (HRTS)

Italian Literary and Cultural Studies (ILCS)

Journalism (JOUR)

Latino and Latin American Studies (LLAS)

Linguistics (LING)

Maritime Studies (MAST)

Music (MUSI)

Philosophy (PHIL)

Political Science (POLS)

Psychological Sciences (PSYC)

Sociology (SOCI)

Spanish (SPAN)

Speech, Language, and Hearing Science (SLHS)

Translation Studies (TRST)

Urban and Community Studies (URBN)

Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies (WGSS)

Restricted Courses That Will Not Satisfy The Related Course Requirement


English courses completed through another discipline (cross-listed courses) will not apply toward the Related Course Requirements. However, the course may apply toward the English major requirements

The chart below is of the restricted courses- these courses cannot apply to the related requirements.

English Course

Cross-Listed Course


ENGL 2200 AMST 2200 Literature and Culture of North America before 1800
ENGL 2207 AMST 2207 & HIST 2207 Empire and U.S. Culture
ENGL 2214/W AFRA 2214/W African American Literature
ENGL 2274W AMST 2274W Disability in American Literature and Culture
ENGL 2276/W AMST 2276/W American Utopias and Dystopias
ENGL 2609 CLCS 2609 Fascism and its Opponents
ENGL 2610 DMD 2610 Introduction to Digital Humanities
ENGL 3212 AAAS 3212 Asian American Literature
ENGL 3213/W AFRA 3213/W 18th & 19th Century African American Literature
ENGL 3214/W AFRA 3214/W Black American Writers I
ENGL 3215/W AFRA 3215/W 20th & 21st Century African American Literature
ENGL 3216W AFRA 3216W Black American Writers II
ENGL 3217/W AFRA 3217/W Studies in African American Literature & Culture
ENGL 3220/W HEJS 3401/W Jewish American Literature & Culture
ENGL 3265W AMST 3265W American Studies Methods
ENGL 3267W AMST 3267W Race and the Scientific Imagination
ENGL 3605 LLAS 3232 Latina/o Literature
ENGL 3607 LLAS 3233 Studies in Latina/o Literature
ENGL 3609 WGSS 3609 Women’s Literature
ENGL 3611 WGSS 3611 Women’s Literature 1900 to Present
ENGL 3613 WGSS 3613 Intro to LGBT Literature
ENGL 3619 HRTS 3619 Topics in Literature, & Human Rights
ENGL 3631 HRTS 3631 Literature, Culture, & Humanitarianism
ENGL 3652 MAST 3652 Maritime Literature to 1800
ENGL 3653 MAST 3653 Maritime Literature Since 1800
ENGL 3705 DRAM 3141 Playwriting
ENGL 3707 DRAM 3145 Film Writing