The Writing Minor

The Writing minor is an interdisciplinary program with course offerings from more than 30 departments/programs and 4 colleges/schools. The course content of the minor goes beyond the standard practices of writing in a W course and, instead, highlights practices, histories, and theories of writing across the disciplines and encourages students to refine their writing abilities across diverse contexts and technologies. 


The minor can help students develop complementary skills within their major discipline while further developing their interest in at least one secondary area. Courses must be taken in at least two subject areas, and students are required to take one foundation course: ENGL 2013W: Introduction to Writing Studies or ENGL 2049W Writing through Research. Students are allowed to overlap six credits between another program and the minor.


This planning chart includes details for all courses that apply to the minor and is designed to help students and advisors understand the requirements. 


Please see the digital flyer here and you can find the catalog copy of the minor here.


Feel free to reach out to Professor Ellen Carillo with questions at