Irish Literature


English majors may pursue a Concentration in Irish Literature by taking four courses (12 credits) focusing or occasionally focusing on Irish Literature or Language* such as:

English 3120 Modern Irish Literature
English 3122 Contemporary Irish Literature
English 3509 Studies in Individual (Irish) Writers **
English 3627 Studies in (Irish) Literature
English 4600W Seminars in (Irish) Literature
English Advanced (Irish Literature) Study: 4203W, 4301W, 4302W, 4401W, 4405W, 4407W
History 3430 History of Ireland

*subject to Director’s approval
**Irish writers featured have included Yeats, Flann O’Brien, Joyce, Heaney, and Wilde.

Fulfilling this concentration does not necessarily require taking extra English courses beyond the number required for the standard English major.

For further information about the concentration please contact one of the instructors below:

Prof. Mary Burke (Storrs Campus)
Prof. Rachael Lynch (Waterbury Campus)
Prof. Thomas Shea (Hartford Campus)
Prof. Stephen Jones (Avery Point Campus)

Courses applied toward the concentration must be completed with a letter grade and cannot be taken as pass/fail.

Students should complete the online Application for a Concentration Certificate in Irish Literature when they submit the final plan of study.