Teaching English


The English Department offers a Concentration in Teaching English to its majors who have taken four or more courses related to the teaching of English. The Concentration is specifically designed for those majors who plan to pursue a Master of Arts in Education and become secondary English teachers, or elementary school or special education teachers with a specialization in English. The Concentration provides students the opportunity to enhance their knowledge of several foundational elements of the field, especially composition, grammar, and literature for children and adolescents. Because the courses that make up the Concentration are required of the students pursuing a dual degree in English and Education through the Neag School of Education, the Concentration presents students with an excellent opportunity to take courses along with Education majors and with English faculty members who are accustomed to working with students studying to become teachers. A student fulfilling the requirements for the Concentration will receive a letter of acknowledgement from the English Department following graduation.

All students wishing to fulfill the requirements for a Concentration in Teaching English must take a minimum of 15 credits as outlined below:

1. One Composition course:

ENGL 3010W – Advanced Composition for Prospective Teachers
ENGL 3003W – Advanced Expository Writing

Regional students should contact inda.watrous@uconn.edu for alternate options if one of these composition courses is not available.

2. One Adolescent Literature course:

ENGL 3422 – Young Adult Literature

*Students interested in Elementary Education can substitute Children’s Literature (ENGL 3420).

3. One Grammar course:

ENGL 3601 – The English Language
ENGL 3603 – The History of the English Language
ENGL 3692 – Writing Practicum: Grammar
Ling 2010Q – The Science of Linguistics

4. One Multicultural Literature course:

ENGL 1601 – Race, Gender, and the Culture Industry
ENGL 2274W – Disability in American Literature and Culture
ENGL 3210 – Native American Literature
ENGL 3212 – Asian American Literature
ENGL 3214 – Black American Writers I
ENGL 3216W – Black American Writers II
ENGL 3218/W – Ethnic Literatures of the United States
ENGL 3220 – Jewish American Literature and Culture
ENGL 3605 – Latina/o Literature
ENGL 3607 – Studies in Latina/o Literature
ENGLv 3609 – Women’s Literature
ENGL 3611 – Women’s Literature 1900 to the Present
ENGL 3613 – Introduction to LGBT Literature
ENGL 4203W – Advanced Study: Ethnic Literature
ENGL 4613W – Advanced Study: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Literature

5. One International Literature course:

ENGL 1301 – Major Works of Eastern Literature
ENGL 2301 – World Literature in English
ENGL 3120 – Irish Literature in English to 1939
ENGL 3122 – Irish Literature in English since 1939
ENGL 3301 – Celtic and Norse Myth and Legend
ENGL 3318 – Literature and Culture of the Third World
ENGL 3320 – Literature and Culture of India
ENGL 3619 – Topics in Literature and Human Rights
ENGL 3629 – Holocaust Memoir
ENGL 4301W – Advanced Study: Anglophone Literature
ENGL 4302W – Advanced Study: Literature of Australia, Canada, Ireland, and New Zealand

Please note:

*Fulfillment of this Concentration does not constitute state teacher certification. For further information, contact Jason Courtmanche at Jason.courtmanche@uconn.edu or schedule an appointment with him through Nexus.

Courses applied toward the concentration must be completed with a letter grade and cannot be taken as pass/fail.

Students should complete the online Application for a Concentration in Teaching English when they submit the final plan of study.