Temporary Rule Changes for Undergraduate Pass/Fail Grading and Last Day to Drop a Course: Spring 2020 Only

In light of recent events related to the COVID-19 (coronavirus) outbreak, the University and the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences have amended certain policies related to Pass/Fail graded courses and the deadline to drop courses.

Students may elect Pass-Fail grading at any time up until May 15, 2020. Instructors are being asked to post final grades by May 12.

Students who chose the Pass-Fail option prior to the adoption of these changes will have the option of reverting to a letter grade by notifying the Registrar by May 15, 2020.

Please carefully consider the outcomes of withdrawing from courses and/or putting courses on pass/fail.

We encourage all students to consider the following before making any decisions on their Spring 2020 schedule:

  • Some third party scholarships may require graded course work.
  • Students are encouraged to contact Financial Aid and to review the SAP guidelines before placing courses on pass/fail. If you have specific questions for Financial Aid, you can request to speak with a Financial Aid Counselor.
  • Students who had planned to be abroad this Spring 2020 term should work with the Education Abroad Office on these requests (more pass/fail information here).
  • NCAA student athletes may have restrictions regarding withdrawals and pass/fail designations and should consult with their Athletic Advisors.
  • International students may have restrictions regarding withdrawals and pass/fail designations and should consult with ISSS.

University Policies

Dropping Courses

Due to the COVID-19 situation, certain university academic rules have been suspended and students may be permitted to drop courses up until the last day of classes (May 1) for spring 2020. For information on how to drop classes remotely in CLAS for this semester, please review the FAQ section (link below).

Pass/Fail Grading & General Education Requirements

The University Senate has voted to suspend the limitations placed on courses taken on Pass/Fail grading basis this semester.

  • Courses taken Pass/Fail will count toward all types of general education requirements in CLAS.
  • The 26-credit and scholastic probation restrictions are suspended. Pass/Fail courses from the spring 2020 Semester will not count toward the three-course limit.
  • Students may elect Pass/Fail grading at any time on or before May 15. The form is online and included below.
  • In the event that students select Pass/Fail grading, the instructor grades the course in the usual way. That is, the instructor submits a letter grade, and this letter grade is translated into a ‘@P’ (‘D-’ or above) or remains an ‘@F.’
  • Course(s) taken under the Pass/Fail option will not be included in the computation of the semester or cumulative grade point average.
  • A grade below ‘C’ makes the student ineligible for Dean’s List.
  • Although not required, students should consult with their advisors before electing to place courses on a P/F basis.

CLAS College Policies

Pass/Fail Grading & Minor/Major Requirements

In recognition of the challenges associated with COVID-19 and moving all classes to an online format in the middle of the spring 2020 semester, CLAS has altered its restrictions on pass/fail courses to provide flexibility for students who want to use this option for some of the courses in their majors/minors.

 For courses taken in the spring 2020 semester, CLAS students can count:

  • A maximum of 3 courses (up to 4 credits each) taken as Pass/Fail toward their majors including related courses
  • A maximum of 3 courses (up to 4 credits each) toward their minors
  • Over the full period in which degrees are completed, minimums of 5 courses (15 credits) within each major and 3 courses (9 credits) within each minor must be taken for a grade.
    • The above restriction is important to note for students who have been approved to use transfer coursework toward a major or minor because transfer courses are not taken at UConn for a grade.

Departments determine whether key/core courses within each of their degree programs may be included within the 3 allowable pass/fail classes. A list of these courses, if any, will be posted to https://clasadvising.uconn.edu/ by Friday, March 27 for each academic unit in the College.


The Department of English

The English Department will not restrict (beyond the CLAS policy articulated above for Spring 2020) the use of courses graded on a pass/fail basis toward the major, minor, or related courses for English majors.


Although not required by University policy, students should consult with their advisors before electing to complete courses on a pass/fail basis.

Answers to many Frequently Asked Questions

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Academic Services Center website includes a list of Frequently Asked Questions along with answers.



Spring 2020 Pass/Fail Request

The online request form to place courses on pass/fail is on the Registrar’s website.